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Administration and Staff
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Our administration and staff are dedicated members of our community who diligently strive to serve our school district with honor. They lead by example, providing our teachers with outstanding examples so that, in turn, our teachers can help our students achieve their fullest potential academically and personally. We work together to guide our students in building the character traits that will help them become exemplary members of the community.


We know that by working together, we are able to achieve so much more! Please meet the district administration team:


 Hollis Merrell</br>                                                                                                  
 Superintendent<br />

Hollis Merrell

 Mark Ollerton</br>                                                                                                  
 Business Manager<br />

Mark Ollerton
Business Manager

 Cindy Peterson</br>                                                                                                  
 Student Services Director<br />

Cindy Peterson
Student Services Director

 Tohna Rogers</br>                                                                                                  
 Administrative Assistant - Superintendent<br />

Tohna Rogers
Administrative Assistant - Superintendent

 Brian Weir</br>                                                                                                  
 Education Technologist<br />

Brian Weir
Education Technologist

 Tara Brimhall</br>                                                                                                  
 Administrative Assistant - Federal Programs<br />

Tara Brimhall
Administrative Assistant - Federal Programs

 Lesa James</br>                                                                                                  
 Administrative Assistant - Student Services <br />

Lesa James
Administrative Assistant - Student Services

 Kim Stevens</br>                                                                                                  
 District Nurse Director<br />

Kim Stevens
District Nurse Director

 Neil Westover</br>                                                                                                  
 Federal Programs Director<br />

Neil Westover
Federal Programs Director